Code of Ukraine
12 artworks

Code pervades every corner of our existence. In our daily routines, we encounter it ceaselessly, even acting as its bearers. It serves as a system of identification for nearly every facet of the world. Whether we observe the myriad barcodes etched on store products, the geographic coordinates guiding our journeys, the enigmatic QR codes enciphered on our mobile devices, or the mystifying DNA codes that make us unique, code is omnipresent. Text, photographs, and other informational content are tr

Pray for Ukraine!
11 artworks

Ukraine and we Ukrainians have become a shield for the entire civilized world from orcs and rashists. It is important to acknowledge that the world is not black and white, and there are shades of gray. Despite this, the current war is unequivocally black and white. There is no rational reason for this war, despite the propaganda spewed by the rashist neighbors. This war is criminal, dirty, and devoid of meaning. It has destroyed global institutions, including the UN, OSCE, and Red Cross. Yet, a

Wonderful moments of nature
17 artworks

Beauty is always near, just waiting to be discovered by those who are happy enough to see it. We are all constantly caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, endlessly pursuing the benefits of civilization. But amidst all this chaos, we often fail to appreciate the simple things - the blooming leaves on the trees, the colors of the autumn, the beauty of the rain, and the ever-changing sky day and night. We become so preoccupied with our thoughts and grand plans that we forget to stop and admir

Geometry of feelings
12 artworks

Each geometric figure and variety of colors can convey the entire palette of feelings and emotions. Use contrasts to your advantage. You may have only one paint, but with it, you can express anything your heart desires. So why do you need art? To express your innermost thoughts and feelings, of course. If you're feeling happy, don't hesitate to use brighter colors. And if you're feeling down, let the dull colors fall onto your paper or canvas.

Sushi Set
7 artworks

In interpretation on the topic of problems that plague our society, particularly the destruction and pollution of the environment, including the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes, which pose a threat to existing living organisms. Sushi represents one of the most ruthless and reckless forms of destruction of unique fish to fulfill human desires. The vibrant hues of the fish and the bodies of water they inhabit evoke delightful and unforgettable sensations. It would be wonderful if these colors coul

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